Liz James, Ph.D.

Liz James, Ph.D.


Having started her career as a professor and later migrating to the business world, Liz James brings the unique combination of academia and Fortune 500 experience.  Liz is a published author in both English and Portuguese, having lived in Brazil as a Fulbright scholar and later teaching at the University of Sao Paulo.

After living abroad for a number of years in both South America and Europe, Liz returned to the US and moved to the greater New York City area.  At that point in time, she decided to take her academic credentials and establish a career in marketing and public relations.  Initially she worked for Sotheby's real estate and in a short period of time, became a Director of Marketing for a large real estate firm.  From there, her entrepreneurial spirit and fascination with the web led her to a dot com that achieved success as one of the first online retail banking software offerings used by major financial centers.

Continuing in the financial sector, she moved to MBIA, the bond insurer, and was Vice President of Marketing and Communications.  During the financial crisis, MBIA went through a complete transformation and LIz oversaw the spinoff of four divisions into independent entities.  She created the identities for each of these companies from logos to websites and developed all new marketing tools for each.  She also honed her skills in crisis communications having to respond to the press during this challenging time in the financial services industry.

Liz's other passion has always been community and volunteerism.  For many years, she was a mentor to students who were the first in their family to go to college and she has been active in children's reading programs.  A Colorado native, she is thrilled to be back in the Rockies, working with the SBDC providing a unique professional learning experience to support growth and development.

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