Growing Your Business

You’ve done the hard work of starting your business. You’ve laid the infrastructure for serving your customers and implemented work processes. Now, you’re ready to add new products or services, expand your distribution, cultivate new customers, or streamline your processes for greater efficiency and profitability.

We’ve been where you are and we can help through consulting, workshops, and resources.

Are You Reaching Your Goals?

As an entrepreneur, you often feel alone. Perhaps you need an objective, listening ear to walk through an idea, problem or situation. You may want to bounce ideas around, get an outside perspective, or question your thinking. Many clients come to us for a “brain dump” - to get help with a specific problem, or to work through complex challenges. We will match you with a consultant whose experience and expertise can best assist you. Consulting is free, confidential, and tailored to your business.
  • Growing Your Market Share
  • Financial Analysis and Forecasting
  • Hiring and Managing Employees
  • Lean Manufacturing

Adding Products or Services?

The world is changing rapidly and writing a business plan takes time and effort that most business owners don’t have. We’ve designed the “The Crash Course”specifically for entrepreneurs who are adding products or services to their businesses. Based on the work by Steve Blank, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Stanford University, and Lean LaunchPad principles, The Crash Course helps businesses find viable product market fit that’s both scalable and sustainable.

The workshop includes classroom presentations, customer development, and expert counseling sessions to help break through challenges to growth, identify market opportunities and determine financial profitability. Using a hands-on, practical and immediately useful approach to business planning and execution, at the end of the course, you will have decided if your idea is a “go,” “no go,” or “pivot.” You will know your next steps for moving your business forward.

Gain Knowledge

Our workshops are designed and facilitated by topic experts who are active in their fields. Our ongoing trainings provide tools and knowledge for you and your staff to improve your business, stay on top of emerging trends and learn the latest techniques in marketing.