EVO3 Workspace, a new Summit County business, has created a home for remote workers and startups.

EVO3 Workspace, a new Summit County business, has created a home for remote workers and startups.


EVO3 Workspace, a new Summit County business, has created a home for remote workers and startups.

Summit County is extremely dependent on tourism, real estate, and construction as these industries make up more than 90% of the economy.  Diversifying the local economy is key to  future growth.

In this spirit, EVO3 Workspace opened March 30th, 2015 launching Aaron Landau’s vision of creating a mountain tech hub in Summit County using the coworking and conference space located at the corner of 7th and Main Streets in Frisco to help achieve that goal.

According to Landau, “Diversifying our economy will make it more sustainable. As profitable and as crucial as tourism has been, it is dependent on uncontrollable forces like the weather. The main goal of EVO3 is to create a tech hub where we can launch new businesses and provide education, thus creating another industry in Summit County not dependent on those uncontrollable forces.”

Additionally, like their tagline “work-life balance… accelerated,” EVO3 provides community, collaboration, flexibility, and learning for those who have the freedom to choose where and how they work. As more people start businesses and personal projects, or telecommute and opt for flexible arrangements with their employers, EVO3 offers them a place to connect – a place where they can escape the isolation of working alone.

The 4,000 square foot space has been purpose-built with this vision in mind. The upscale contemporary environment makes it not only functional, but inspiring as well. This place could easily be right in the middle of Manhattan, but has beautiful mountain views through the 12 oversized bay windows to remind you of the location along with the comfort of high country living.

The space, which provides 24/7 accessibility, has the fastest business WiFi available, conference rooms equipped with 60” monitors and event space with a large screen, projector and a wireless audio system.

EVO3 members are independent professionals, consultants, developers, programmers, entrepreneurs, remote workers, startups, marketers, small business teams, investors, and more. They are locals as well as front-rangers that want to beat the traffic by coming up early or staying late. People want to be out here - where they can play - before, in the middle, and at the end - of their workday.

Since opening just a short time ago, much has been happening at EVO3. Members have been working on exciting projects and will be launching companies out of the workspace in the very near future.  EVO3 also provides business consulting specializing in lean startup.

Some past events that EVO3 hosted include:

  • Summit County’s 2nd Startup Weekend (co-host) - a global 54-hour event where talented, entrepreneurial people come together to launch a startup in just one weekend.

  • Educators, thought leaders, and the superintendent in a design thinking exercise in support of Frisco Elementary School’s STEM initiative.

  • “Exit Now,” one of the final teams for Colorado’s Go Code competition, pitched their app to reduce traffic on I-70 and received feedback from Summit locals prior to the finals.

  • The viewing of "Design & Thinking,” a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) documentary developed by Stanford University.

And, what can be expected in the future: Classes and bootcamps related to app prototyping and development, JavaScript, and startups.  It has quickly become apparent that people like hanging out at EVO3.  Social events will soon be added to the calendar. 

To learn more about EVO3, stop by during regular hours (Monday – Friday 8:30a-5:00p) or visit www.evo3workspace.com or contact EVO3 at info@evo3workspace.com or 970.368.9888.


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